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The Hospital

Every month around 1300 children, most of them accompanied by their parents, arrive to the Hospital of Kimbondo (or Mama Koko Hospital) looking for help.

The Hospital's structures can offer 200 long term accommodations, for examples for children with Tuberculosis or affected by heart diseases.

The Pediatric Hospital of Kimbondo is now the main center for children’s care in the area of Mont ‘Ngafula II.


The Pediatric Hospital of Kimbondo is the only free hospital for the population in need of all the Kinshasa area


The services offered are different:

  • Office visit for kids with malaria and malnutrition problems with two rooms for monitoring them for 48/72 hours.
  • Long term admittance for children and adults with tuberculosis. There are different rooms for men, women and kids.
  • Cardiologic department with laboratory for the ultrasound eco-cardio.
  • Blood transfusion center to supply blood for kids with long time malaria of other hemophilic diseases. Campaign to collect blood are held every week in the near neighborhoods and blood is checked for possible diseases and cross reactivity.
  • Intensive care unit (ICU, NICU).
  • Office for detecting and care of AIDS. The Pediatric Hospital of Kimbondo is the main supplier of drugs and care for AIDS patients for all the West area of Kinshasa.
  • Office for gynecologic appointments and awareness and preventive care for young women.
  • Dentist office
  • Office for medications and casts.
  • Laboratory for blood and RX exams
  • Pharmacy





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