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Agricultural Area

The Pediatric Foundation for Kimbondo motto is to welcome everyone without discrimination.

To assure to every single children in the hospital food and shelter the FPK bought in 2010 an agricultural area around 150 Km (93 miles) from Kinshasa, and has created an agricultural site called Kinta.

This area includes 9 villages that answer to the authority of the Kinta village.

The area is about 900 hectares (2200 acres) and including villages has already a school built and a small pharmacy/office visit with medical personnel provided by the Hospital.

A river divides the area in two parts, one for the production of crop (500 hectares) and the other for animal farm (400 hectares). Corn, manioc, ananas, beans, sweet potatoes and others are the plants produced, other than a sperimental area for Artemisia production and few hundreds of Palm Oil, Mangoes, Mangustain and other fruit trees. There are also the structures where manioc is used (hill make flour out of it) and accommodations for the farm workers.

In the animal farm there are for now cows, pigs and chickens.


How the products are distributed:

There are two main destinations for these products:

  • Part is used for the needs of the hospital
  • The remaining part is sold at the market giving another entry for the costs of the Hospital.




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